In Alarm Status shelving does not register user correctly

How to show username who shelved by?Default it shows Unknown

The user who shelved the alarm was not logged in. I have verified that the username is correct when an alarm is shelved with the Alarm Status Table while a user is logged in. There are scenarios through scripting where an alarm may be shelved via conditional logic and not be aware of who has performed the actual shelving, but if your request is strictly for the Alarm Status Table then you must require the user to be logged in before they shelve the alarm.

So,where we can can create users for Alarm Status table.

You create users on the Gateway. If you don’t require authentication for a project, the a user may sign in by expanding the Application Bar (which by default is in the bottom right of a Perspective Session) Click the arrow-up icon - not the timer icon.

Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 6.49.31 AM

Once the bar is expanded, click the button which contains the Gateway name and select “Sign In”.

Is there any method? So, we can use users who are stored in the database.