In alarms, the {fullItemPath} property does not return the brackets that surround the provider

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In Ingition 8.1.15, in Alarms, I’ve noticed that the {fullitemPath} property does not return the brackets that surround the provider.





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Any help??

… I think it is a Bug.

That isn’t a bug. That is how displayPath is returned, string separated by “/”.

The Bug is in {fullItemPath} not in DisplayPath. I used DisplayPath just to illustrate the problem.
{fullItemPath} should return the full path of the tag correctly: “[default]…
default/…is not a correct path.
For example, if you wanted to read the Tooltip of the tag, you would write: tag({fullItemPath} + “.Tooltip”), but it doesn’t work because the full path isn’t generated correctly.

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My mistake, but I still don’t think that is a bug. I don’t see documentation on it, so not sure 100%, but if you want to get the tooltip use the keyword this, Tag Paths - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation


@cmallonee can you please confirm what Full Item Path is supposed to return?

I’m really more of a front-end resource, but here’s what I was able to determine with some help:

  • fullItemPath builds the path from referencing the source path, which itself contains no brackets - this is why fullItemPath does not and has not had brackets in the past. I verified this has been the behavior for a very long time, and is not regarded as a bug.

  • In the example given to reference the tooltip, {this.tooltip} is indeed the correct interpolation, as opposed to building the path yourself.

  • If you DO need to build a path for some reason, {this.path} would give you the path to the Tag, and you would need to build your expression from there, a la {this.path} + "/Alarms/" + {name} to build the path to the alarm in question.


Ok. Thank you.