"-" in static string value for Multi-Instance wizard

I am trying to use the multi-instance wizard to create a huge amount of UDT tags. One of my parameters is the OPC server as a string. I’m using the default ignition OPC server, “Ignition OPC-UA Server”. When I try to enter this as a static string value in the multi-instance wizard, it errors because it is interpreting the “-” as a range. Is there a way to indicate the entered pattern is a static value?

As far as I know there isn’t (though I wonder if a \ before the dash would do what you want?). But, one way you could do things is import them using some short but unique character string like “^”, make the UDTs, then export the ones you just created and open them in a text editor. Do a find/replace for that string and replace it with a normal dash, then import them back in.

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The \ didn’t work out, but I just ended up using a “ReplaceMe” string and then used find and replace in Ignition.


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