Inactivity and logout

Hi Guys.
I am using the following code to check for inactivity and if it exceeds lets say 10 seconds, to logout the user. Once the threshold is reached, the user is logged out and presented with a login screen. If I close the login screen and launch the project from the ‘Launch window’, count starts from the beginning, but if I use the same login screen to log back in after an inactivity logout, the count does not start from the beginning and it seems that I am being logged out after a couple of seconds. Delay is set to 1000ms. Is there a way around it?
Here is the code:

if fpmi.system.getInactivitySeconds() > 10:

Re-logging in resets the getInactivitySeconds() counter. I just tried it and it works. Can you verify? What version are you running?

I added [code] blocks around your code.

Version: 2.2.0 (build 1219)

Yeah I tried this too and it reset my inactivity seconds as well.

Heres a thought - how precisely are you paying attention to how quickly it is logging you out after you log back in? I mean, 10 seconds isn’t much time…

I count one thousand one, one thousand two and thats it I am logged out. If you want I can show it to you over a gomeeting session today.

Sure, give us a call when you get a chance.

For any one else watching this thread, we did a GoToMeeting, there is definately some sort of issue here. We are looking into it.

Better late than never! We identified what was going on here, and fixed it for 3.1.6.