Inactivity logout question

Hei guys,

Running Ignition 8.0.16.

We have an IDP setup with our Ignition Server and Perspective applications, but I’m seeing something I don’t understand and I wonder if it can be fixed somehow. Basically:

  • Logout with button and events “onclick” organize action logout redirects to our IDP, which is what we want.
  • Inactivity logout redirects to Perspective “Continue to login” page.

Is there any way to make both actions, which in theory are the same, lead to the same location?


What code are you using for the inactivity timer?

I’m not using code, I’m using the project properties as seen on the image below.

Ah, I thought there was a similar timer event available like in Vision, but it doesn’t appear there is. In that case one of the IA guys will need to comment @pgriffith @cmallonee

I have a similar question, but probably a different request than the initial post’s author.

When we use the system.perspective.logout() tied to a button action the whole application reloads (as if you refresh the Chrome window) which takes a second or two.

When the activity timeout (as shown by the post above) logs out, it does so “silently” and the user is logged out with without the screen going through the whole “refresh” and “loading” look.

Is there anyway to get that “silent” version when using the script tied to a button action? It also makes me wonder if this is possible can the logging in also be more “silent” and quicker than having to refresh the whole application? It makes the login/logout system a little cumbersome as it is right now. It’s somewhat related to my other post: [IGN-686] - Return to application from Login Screen.

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