Inbound email or text to trigger events

I know there is the alarm module with 2 way for acknowledgement. Is there a way to send a message, either via SMS, or Email which would trigger an event? Without buying additional hardware such as a GSM module, can ignition interpret the message and then trigger a bit in the PLC?

I logged a support ticket; answer came back that this is not currently possible and suggested I should submit it as a feature request.

Has there been any work to enable this capability?

Not that I am aware of from IA.

Perhaps something could be put together to achieve it with 3rd party hardware/software.

I didn’t look into it further myself.

If you really want this, I’d suggest looking at one of the many “do x when y happens” hook services like Zapier and Twilio for one that can call a web API when an email/sms is received, then write an RESTful API for your Ignition gateway that can handle the request.

I’d be wanting to have a pretty good grasp of how I’d prevent random people from operating my equipment via email before I implemented something like this, though. A quick perspective app with a few controls in it or a third party hardware device that can convert an incoming SMS to modbus (or similar) is likely to be a better option.