Including imaplib for Jython

Will the imaplib for Jython be included in 7.4?
This works well for connecting to email server and parsing mail messages.
Right now I have a copy stuffed in a script module with some “minor” modifications for scope.

Is it part of Jython 2.5?
'Cause that’s in 7.4 :mrgreen:

With Jython 2.1 there were a number of libraries we had to remove because they didn’t work for one reason or another with Ignition.

For the upgrade to Jython 2.5 I’ve left all the included libraries in for now. Whether or not they work at this point… well, I guess we’ll find out.

On a side note, we have a module that we use to connect to an IMAP email account, and it has scripting functions to pull mail into gateway scripts. If you are interested, let me know.