Incomplete SLC500 I/O list


I’ve got several Allen-Bradley SLC500’s connected to ignition. My issue is that I’m not getting a complete I/O list to use for tags. It’s seems to be sporadic through each SLC on how much of each table it shows. None of the other data files seem to be affected by this only the I/O. I’ve also compared the settings of each one and they are identical except the node address.

All SLC’s are networked with DH+ via Ethernet gateways. I’ve included a picture of the SLC I/O listing as well as the ignition tag browser. It’s a 10 slot Chassis and as you can see output cards 8 & 9 won’t show up. There are outputs used on each card so they’re not empty.

Any Help is appreciated.
Thanks, Marc

I’ve had similar issues with I/O, but with things attached to DeviceNet. My workaround was to map the I/O to B files. Since I was only monitoring the physical I/O and not trying to manipulate it, it worked out rather well.

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Unfortunately we don’t handle I/O very well. The work around would be what JordanCClark suggested, or, maybe manually addressing tags.