Inconsistent Image Scaling

I have a question regarding the image component, stretch modes and resolution scaling. If I have an image component set to stretch mode bounds, and I rotate it, then it appears clipped and if I adjust the size, the aspect ratio gets all messed up. If I set it up to have no stretch, then I can get it to look right in designer when rotated. However, in runtime, the image doesn’t scale when the window size changes. Is there a way to take an image (e.g., Builtin/Electric Motor/Electric Motor 9.png) and rotate it to change its orientation by 90 degrees and still have it scale appropriately when the window size changes?

The best thing to do is make the stretch mode percent bounds where you can specify a value of 80 for both width and height. With that you can rotate it without it getting clipped. If the component gets bigger the image will as well but stay at 80% of the width and height.

Thanks, Travis.
I fooled around with it a bit more last night and found that % bounds did seem to do it.