Incorrect Value Displayed on Component Binding for Binded Tag

I'm currently facing an issue with a component binding in Ignition where the displayed value is not matching the binded tag value. I have a label component that is bound to a tag in my project. The component is not updating accordingly, and it continues to display an incorrect value.
I restarted the tags but seems to make no effect. Out of curiosity would anyone know why is this happening?

this is the tag:

Thanks in advance

Does it show the right value if you drag the tag onto the text proepery to bind it?

It also shows the higher/incorrect value

I'm just spit balling... But what if you disable the tag? Does it show disabled in the view? Or change the scaling, or some obvious change to the tag which would reflect in its displayed value

I just did and nothing changed in the bindings. I changed the execution modes and rates, restarted it. I deleted it and created it again and now it's working. I never saw this before so I was curious as to why it happened

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Very strange... I've seen something like this before, but maybe only once or twice in like 8yrs :person_shrugging: