Increase CPU load after add and use tag from IEC 61850 driver

I take datas from iec 61850 OPC server from different machine (remote server) to my gateway through OPC UA connection, the CPU load only 1%.

After i try to connect directly to devices with iec 61850 driver modul in ignition, 39 devices connected, cpu load increase to 30-50β„…. I use poll mechanism, access datas directly in model folder from device in tag browser, i havent use RCB mechanism yet.

Is it normal in increasing cpu load? If normal, what can i do for decreasing cpu load? Use RCB?

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I'm not up to speed on this particular driver, but polling is always going to be more work for a driver than a simple OPC UA subscription (which makes the remote server do the bulk of the work).

What kind of polling paces are you using, and for how many data points? What are the hardware specs of your Ignition gateway (CPU cores/clock & RAM)?

Using RCB is standard practice with the 61850 protocol. You are not meant to poll data points as the primary means of data acquisition.

I’m not certain it’s the cause of your CPU usage, so maybe you can work with support on that, but you should be switching to reporting regardless.

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I take 25000 tags every second.
Here are the hardware specs of the gateway
Windows Server 2019 64bit
Intel(R) Xeon(R) E-2224G CPU @3.50GHz (4CPUs), -3.5GHz
32 GB RAM.

I take data directly form model folder.

Next, I will switch to reporting, hopely can lower CPU usage