Increase Project "Details" log period

Is it possible to extend out the Project ‘details’ log so that log entries stay there for longer than 2 weeks?
Is it also possible to query this table from elsewhere? This would be a great auditing tool, but if it can only be viewed from the webpage and only stores 2 weeks, it’s not all that useful.

E.g. this page in the Config web page under Projects → Details:

Well, this page is actually (temporarily) gone in 8.0, but we do have plans to bring it back and expose that kind of information in a more useful way. In 7.9, it’s just a separate table in the internal database, where we store a fairly coarse list. It’s capped so that it doesn’t overflow your internal DB.

We’ve also had some internal thoughts lately on how to expose project changes to the auditing system, which I think would also accomplish what you’re looking for here.


Awesome, that sounds great :slight_smile:

Hop this feature is incorporated in Ignition 8. Please advise, how can we access this change log information for project.

We’re (I’m) actively working on adding project changes to the audit log, in a more granular way that would let you retrieve the same information that was previously in the project changes table.

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Thanks :+1:

IMO it could be interesting to add Another audit table for project change and keep the original table for command with a foreign Key to the New table.
Same way like the alarm table for associated data.