Increasing font in a message box with HTML

I want to increase the font size in a message box. I am using this which works with the HTML coding but not sure what to add to select the font I want to use.
system.gui.messageBox(‘CRITERIA TEXT CHARACTERS > 400,

The font html tag can help here:

system.gui.messageBox('<html><font size="4"> CRITERIA TEXT CHARACTERS > 400,<br><font size="5">REDUCE SIZE TO SAVE')TO SAVE')


Thanks, I was also able to find this in Ignition. Great for bolding and size (h) height I suppose.

The <h*> tags are known as heading tags. There are 6 different sizes where <h1> would be the heading with most significance and <h6> would be the heading with least significance.

You can also use <b> tags for bolding text.

Thanks for the info.