Increasing Performance on the Perspective Map Component

We have a screen with a map component that we are trying to use for a project to display 25-100 markers. We found that using a few markers (5-10), we could get things running pretty smoothly. As we increased that number, the performance seems to degrade pretty significantly.

Our script that is generating the markers and then centering the map run pretty quick, within 1 second in the script console, and even faster in a live session. The actual map component will load the markers and pan within a couple of seconds generally, but then it takes 10+ seconds to become actually functional (show the tooltip for the marker, load a popup, move the map around).

Has anyone found a good trick to increase the performance on this component at all? It doesn’t need to be lightning quick, but at its current state it is pretty hard to use.

I also have an issue with this. No settings I seem to change on the Map seem to make a difference.

It’d be great if the performance on this component could be improved.

Interacting with a leaflet map on other websites that have a lot of pens don’t seem to affect performance in any noticeable way.