Increasing the size of the window in designer

In designer the working window is maximized, and the property editor, project browser, etc. are on the left. I need more space to place controls on the window, but there doesn’t appear to be a ‘size’ or ‘width’ or ‘height’ property to the window, and there are no scroll bars that enable me to move down or over (to give me more space to place controls). How do I do this? TIA. David


You can make a window bigger than the space you have, but there are a few steps involved.

First, if your window is not maximized inside the designer, it will hold whatever size you set it to (and this is where layout becomes important for your components).

Second, you open another window and move it down or to the right and partially off the screen. This will make scroll bars pop up in the designer.

Once you have more space to play with, you can increase the original window’s size by dragging the edges out (assuming you have the Resizeable property set). Just leave the window un-maximized and set it’s Start Maximized property so it will fill the screen on the client.

Yeah, I recommend dealing with windows in a non-maximized state in the Designer.

Here’s some things to try…

  1. Edit the bounds of the window directly. To do that, select the window from the Project Browser panel, making sure you’ve selected the window and not the root container, and plug in values for Bounds: Width and Height on the Properties panel.

  2. Clear up screen real estate by unpinning the SQLTags panel, Project panel, Properties panel, etc. You can even gain a little more by pinning them and then dragging their titlebars to the center of the screen to make them floating. You can also make the Component and other toolbars float by dragging them to the middle of the screen.

If you are running two or more monitors you can drag the tool bars onto the other monitor. This will free up some space also.