Incremental MySQL Backup


I am attempting to generate an incremental backup of a MySQL DB from command line. I have successfully generated a complete DB backup from CMD line using the mysqldump command but, I am having some trouble generating an incremental backup based off of that complete backup. I have read through the documentation from MySQL (Links below), and have yet to figure this out. Please note that the command I am trying to use for the incremental is mysqlbackup.

The snippet that I currently have is as follows:

"C:\Progra~1\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\bin\mysql.exe" -uUser -pPassword mysqlbackup --incremental --incremental-base=dir:"C:\Backup" --incremental-backup-dir="C:\Backup"

I am not sure if I have something out of order or don’t need the redundant “–increment” option. The full backup that the incremental backup is based off of is located in C:\Backup. Any help would be appreciated. … tions.html … ental.html



If you are just doing backups of InnoDb and MyISAM tables, you can use the following

It can do incremental backups.


Thanks for the link. I am running MySQL 5.5 on a Windows 7 Pro box. I believe Percona-xtrabackup only runs on Linux if I am not mistaken.


Ahh, I didnt pick up on that… time to switch to Linux?

That isn’t really a viable option at this point in time.