Independent 2state toggle

When two or more 2 state toggle buttons are placed on one screen, clicking one button will display all the buttons arranged by clicking. In other words, when all the buttons are in state1, clicking on any one of them will cause all the buttons to be in the state of state2.Tags attached to multiple buttons are all the same tag, but the state value entered when clicking on each button is different.
If I set the value of the Current State of the attached image to a value different from the other buttons, the state did not change when I clicked on it in the first place.

Also, I want to enter the value that is calculated by adding or subtracting the current value when clicking, rather than a fixed value of state 1 value and state 2 value input when clicking.

Then you don’t want the 2-state toggle. Use one or more normal buttons and script what you need.

In this case, it’s not a 2state toggle. Thank you.