Independent tag from Inheritable Project in a child project

Is there possible to created a Data Type or Standard tag in a child project (local tag) and not share it with the Inheritable Project.

There’s some confusion here as to what you’re asking.

Inheritance only runs in one direction, so if you have projects named Parent and Child, where Child inherits from Parent, and you make a resource or tag in Child, then Parent should never have any concept of the resource in Child.

If you make a (Client) tag in Parent, and then create the Child project, then Child should have access to the tag. If you do not want the Child project to have access to the tag, then you would need to delete the tag from the CHILD project. It’s important to note that CLIENT tags work a little differently from other tags in that Client tags are ONLY inherited at project creation.

Thanks for clarification.
I’ll try to explain the idea of this project. There’s a factory which has multiple stations. I have a master monitor that may have control of some key process in every station. Then I have small monitors that will show a process of a particular station or process with detail. This suggest the creation of a global/parent project for the key indicators for the main monitor and child projects for small screens
Now, there may be OPC tags from a PLC in the parent project that may be used in the child projects, but there may be OPC tags in child projects that won’t be necessary in the parent project.
I’m trying to create a global Data Types and child Data Types for OPC DT Instances, but everything turns global. I mean, when ever I create or delete a data type or standard tags in child project it affects the parent as well.
I won’t use any vision client tags for any of this projects.

Tags and UDTs are not part of projects. They are independent, global resources.

Yes, it’s true, like a global scope because it exists on the gateway. After reading what I want to do, what is your advice dear @Kevin.Herron. I’m giving my attention to Real Time Tags provider. Any advice?