Index 1 out of bounds for length 1

I want to make a report in Ignition using data in a database.

This is my querry :

This is the error I get :

Did someone already had this issue ?

Thank you

You haven't supplied enough information.

What is looking for Index 1?
Is your query returning any data?

I don't know what is looking for Index 1, I just want to import data.

I see the informations I want in the XML in the Preview tab

Please post the stacktrace you get from clicking the 'full' text in the error message you showed.

Hey Marc-Antoine_Thibaul,

I ran into that issue recently as well. I closed and restarted the designer and it started working again for me.

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Okay I just closed and restated the deisgner, it works now.

Thank you

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Hey PGriffith,

My support ticket: 87212
It should have stack track, images and logs with the ticket.


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