Indirect Alarm Labels

New to Ignition here, and am trying to duplicate something that we do with ME pretty often. We create an Alarm BOOL tag in the PLC, and display the associated string on our HMI for Alarm message. It also has a delay timer that can be adjusted if a debounce is required. It’s simple and works for most everything that we do.

PLC Code Snip:

HMI Config Snip:

So I created the ALM UDT in Ignition, I also created a parameter called (ALM_Num):

Then I configured an alarm to Bool.

I am trying to create a dynamic Label for each. I would like to display the Message string of each instance.
I’ve tried {[~]ALM/ALM1/Message.value} for ALM 1 and that works, and ties it to every alarm.

When I try {[~]ALM/ALM{ALM_Num}/Message.value} it seems to break on the “}” after Num.

Is it a syntax that I am doing wrong? Or am I going about this wrong?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Ignition Platform `8.0.3

Should be all you need if each Tag created with the UDT is unique.
No need for indirection.

Thanks, that works as expected.

So the [.] refers to the UDT it’s in? That’s nice. I don’t recall seeing that in the University as I have been going through it. I’ll have to keep going, Haha.


Yes it does, also you can use the smart link buttons in the UDT editor.
They are on the right hand side when you are in the expression portion.