Indirect binding to SQL tag row?

I have an SQL tag that returns a 5-lines, 10-columns dataset. One of the columns is “name”. Now I want to bind a text box to column “name” of a parametrized row, so I thought I could set a binding to [default]mytag.value[name][{1}] where {1} is the parametrized line number. However, I don’t seem to get any value. Am I doing something wrong?

You’ll have to use a tag reference within an expression binding instead. {[default]myTag}[{Root Container.rowIndex}, “name”] within an expression binding will return the cell’s value for the row index (custom prop) and “name” col.

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Works, thanks. However, this has to be entered by hand, since using the guided tag/property selector in both the indirect tag binding and the expression binding leads to an expression of the form [default]mytag.value[name][{Root Container.rowIndex}]