Indirect bindings for bar/pie charts using cell update

I am trying to use the cell update function to indirectly bind the data property to tags. I know how to indirectly pass in the tag path as shown in this video

but can not figure out how to pass in the value.

My current work around now is to make a custom property for each tag and indirectly bind those properties to the tags that I want. Then bind the cell update function to those properties but there has to be a better way.

I have used the cell update function to pass in values like you described.

  1. Create one custom property of a dataset type. 
  2. In the dataset viewer under the property editor you then create 1 column for each tag that you want to include. 
  3. Next add just 1 row. Exit the viewer and select the cell update binding. 
  4. Click in the column you want to assign the tag to and click the green plus icon next to the cell bindings box. 
  5. In the value section in the cell bindings box use the tag and property binding icons to connect to the desired tag like you would in the video link you posted.