Indirect Cell Update Binding

Is there a way to do indirect bindings in the cell update binding or would I need to script it out? I need to have a table with each cell bound to a specific tag but also need to be able to switch between barns while doing this. Each barn has the same tag path besides the barn number.

Use indirect bindings on additional custom properties, then use a cell update binding to switch between those custom properties. As a bonus, it’s a lot less inscrutable if something fails - you can just see what the intermediate custom properties are.

Bringing this back up as I had found a workaround at the time. I had just used tag scripts to construct a dataset tag then bound to that while using cell update scripts to do my tag writes. It works but is clunky at best. Now there is some new code getting put in and I need to directly bind to the tag, or at least find a better way to do it.
Is there a more elegant solution to put this in or am I stuck making 792 custom properties along with the 792 cell update binding rows to manage and make sure that each one is bound to the right tag and property. I really don't like this method as it seems like a maintenance nightmare but from what I've been able to figure out it is the best way to solve my issue, at least in Vision.
On the flip side though, this would be fairly robust once implemented and the tag bindings could be put onto different labels to organize them into a manageable fashion. So I'll probably end up doing just that if I can't figure out another way of doing it that would have similar fluidity to that method.
I also considered nesting templates and making use of template repeaters to essentially create a table. I haven't really tried that as I would like to get it to work on a table if possible, but that way would be fairly straightforward to get functioning.
If you need more information to better help me or have questions let me know.
Thank you.