Indirect fill paint binding

I think this is a little confusing to explain but here is the situation I’m looking for.

I have my block’s color binding to an indirect SQL OPC tag that is not actually connected to the PLC yet.
So the block shows as having the Tag blocked and shows the white transparent view with the broken tag icon…

I’m wondering if there is a way to bind these properties to what their paths WILL BE.

Creating SQL tags takes time, binding those tags to your project takes time,
I don’t think I will even have a network until closer to the end of these projects (or a database for that matter) and I need to be able to develop in the meantime something productive that I can have some degree of assurance that I won’t need to change everything once the requirements and specs start rolling in.

I thought by making a few expression tags inside my UDT and binding the fill paints to these instead of the OPC tags that I might get around this but no luck.

I have a tag that says
stateWatch : if({[.]FAULT}, 1, if({[.]RUNNING}, 2, 0))
color: switch({[.]stateWatch}, 0, 1, 2, “00000000”,“FF0000A0”, “00FF00A0”, “000000FF”)

this way I thought I would always be returning a valid color…
Something is wrong though.

Does everyone do their bindings AFTER connecting to the OPC server?

Generally yes. :stuck_out_tongue:

One thing you can try is to create memory tags that will match your PLC. This will allow you to test your screens/components before connecting.