Indirect Property Binding in Perspective

I have a Meta property on a label called Line and I want the value in that property to update the binding on my label. I know how to do this in Vision but in perspective it gives me a "nested paths not allowed" error.

When i try a indirect tag binding it gives a nested paths not allowed error.

I would like to take the value of Line in this Meta property and have it update my property binding.

I've been all over the forum and i can't find an example of how to do this that i understand.

Can someone help me understand how to do this?

  • Don't add properties to meta, add them to custom - that's why it's there. The meta category is more or less properties properties Inductive Automation expects ALL components to have, regardless of location.
  • You can't nest interpolations of values
  • Use this instead: {../Line1.meta.CurrentPOKIC} because it looks like your meta.Line value will never be changing.
  • If meta.Line is never changing, then how would it ever update your binding?

You may also find the property expression function useful:

I would agree with Cody that this is likely a bad idea, though; there's probably a better way to organize the flow of logic.

Thanks, meta.Line isn't changing right now because i can't figure out how to get the binding to update with the value. I have 12 labels inside a container and that container is going to update the Line property if i can figure out how to get the indirect binding working.

Perhaps if you describe your goal of the View more clearly we could explain the suggested approach so that you could avoid a binding like this.

The container with a white border has 6 labels circled in green that I already have the data for in another container the one in tealish green on the screenshot. I want to put a property on the white bordered container that tells it to go get the data from the tealish green container.

I have multiple lines that I'm adding this new container to and i don't want to copy and change 6 parameters every time i copy the container to a new line. I just want to change the Line property on my container to be 2 instead of 1 and it will go to the tealish green container for like 2 to pull it data from. Hope this explains it.


It sounds like you're templating backwards.

Try making a view which accepts only one param -- Line -- and use that param to drive the bindings of any children. Then when you use that View in an Embedding component (Embedded View or Flex Repeater) you just have to supply a Line param; there's no need to modify the names of the components.

Yeah, your right, i just realized what i've been trying to do.