Indirect Property Referencing

I think this topic has been mentioned before in some context, but it would be nice if there was an expression language property() function much like the tag() function to allow indirect referencing of a property using a string/property/tag concatenation of the property name.

Especially with the use of nested UDT’s and Templates, this would sometimes come in handy.

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+1 for this features, improving udt property access would be welcome !



The thing about UDT parameters is that we could easily allow access to them, but they would have to be read-only. I know some people have dreams of being able to change them dynamically, but this just isn’t going to work any time soon.

And to be clear, UDT parameters are what you’re talking about here, right? Because regular tag properties can be referenced by adding them on to the tag name, like “Tag.OPCItemPath”.


Are you talking about referencing properties of Vision Components? or tags?

I thought you talking about a property() function for accessing a property of a component. It takes a string path to the component and its property.

My apologies for the slow response - nearly missed this - been in a major start-up.

What I’m refering to is in the expression language there is a tag() function that allows concatenation of a string to reference a tag value indirectly: tag("Tanks/Tank" + {Root Container.TankNum}) However, it would also be helpful to indirectly reference a property binding (say a Custom Property bound to a UDT) in a similar fashion: property("Root Container.Tanks::Tank." + {Root Container.TankNum})Does this make sense?

Yes, it makes sense. Thanks for the clarification. That’s what I voted for.

I vote for exposing UDT parameters for use in expressions/scripting, even if they are read-only.


+1 This would definitely be useful in nested UDTs and Templates

Indirect Vision Component Property referencing is the one I am missing regularly. It can be accomplished with a read-only workaround as detailed in this post, but a read-write binding would be ideal.


Has anything changed with regard to indirect referencing of component custom properties?