Indirect Tag binding not filling in Custom or Template Properties, but works in expression binding

In 8.0.4, when I have a custom or template property of string, if I put in a a indirect tag binding to a tag path, it doesn’t fill in anything. However, if I put the same thing in expression form, with the tag path in quotes and using plus (+) to combine properties (that are dynamic), it works. It would be easier and a little faster to use indirect binding, anything I’m doing wrong? Thanks

It’s hard to know what might be wrong without seeing it. Can you show us your indirect binding that’s not working as well as the expression that is working?

I think I know what’s happening. Indirect Tag bindings are looking for a return value of a tag and not displaying the string of the path or such.

Yes, indirect tag bindings will give you the value of the tag at the path created in the indirect binding.