Indirect tag binding setup

Hello -

I am trying to create a template using parameters so that I may create a single page and then based on the URL, populate different tags. Part of this includes conditional formatting of the background color on different text cells. I am able to indirectly bind the normal tag using the parameter but I have a script that I would like to also reference that parameter value to pull proper tags so that the background color will also update.

I am struggling with a way to do this. Any input would be appreciated.


In your screenshot, you’re creating an indirect binding to a tag, but then youre transforming it and not using the valu of that binding? If you want all of those direct tag references in your if conditions to be indirectly bound using your parameters, you should create parameters for each of those tags and use an indirect tag binding to bind to each of the tags, no transforms attached. Then in another custom property, use an expression binding and your if statements should then reference your other custom properties