Indirect tag binding with an expression

I am wanting to use indirect / dynamic tag paths using an expression binding on an object but I keep getting an error message stating “Nested paths not allowed”. I have tried the following:

{[default]BBC_Clgx/FermAuto/FermDrainVlvs/FermDropVlvAO+{RootContainer.FermValveNum}+“Select”} = 1
tag({[default]BBC_Clgx/FermAuto/FermDrainVlvs/FermDropVlvAO+{Root Container.FermValveNum}+“Select”} = 1

but get the same error message. Is there a way to assign a dynamic tag name in an expression binding?

Yes, that would be the tag() expression function. But better to make a separate property indirectly bound, and use that in your comparison expression.