Indirect tag binding

I have a project where I will be duplicating several machines and I want to use indirect tag binding to keep from duplicating the projects and also to speed up development. My tag structure is based on our internal asset numbers for machines. In this case I have tag folders using the asset numbers of 00597, 00603, and 00604. My navigation button to the screen is passing a parameter off to a custom property (string) of the screen which is then bound to value of the numeric field I have set up. When i type my asset number in to the field in the navigation button configuration I get a parse error. Any ideas on how to get around a parse error. I can successfully bind a string field on the same screen to the indirect value and get my numbers to display so it is not a matter of doing the indirect properly. The problem seems to lie with ignition trying coerce the leading zeros to a different value for some unknown reason.

Ignition v7.9.3

Are you passing the value to the screen using the pass parameters option under the navigation tab?
I believe that the Value it is looking for can only be a pointer to a property binding and not a direct value.
So you will need to make a custom property on the navigation button, and then reference it using the binding icon.
Your field under the value column should look something like this: {$.customProperty}
Of course the type of this custom property on the navigation button needs to be a String.

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Yes, that solved my problem. I was trying to pass the value off directly. Thank you.

Side note here: many generic numeric parsers treat a leading zero as a flag to interpret the rest of the number as octal, much the way a leading ‘0x’ triggers hexadecimal. ‘00597’ would yield a parse error because ‘9’ is not a valid octal digit.