Indirect tag formatString

I’m trying to use my tags’ FormatString in my view’s indirect tags. I found a similar thread, Perspective Indirect formatting on a label, but haven’t figured it out yet.

The following works up to step 3 but when I add the transform expression (4) it returns a null.

I also tried to apply the format using only an expression binding:


This gives the same null result.

Any suggestions?

{view.params.tagPath} will return a string. A string doesn’t have a FormatString property.

Unless you have a tag with literal path “{view.params.tagPath}”, this won’t get you anything.

You could use tag({view.params.tagPath} +" .FormatString) but you’ll get told off by @pturmel :grin: you’ll also get told off by operators if you have any performance issues due to using it

You should create an indirect binding to both your tag value and your formatString in two separate custom properties. Then use those in an expression binding