Indirect Tag History Binding in Perspective

I don’t see an option for indirect tag history binding in perspective.
Am I missing something?

The ‘Select Tags’ area lets you specify an expression to use, which will let you run an expression and bring in a dynamic list of tag paths.

@PGriffith I tried using the expression to select the tags.
However, I am getting an error when I am using the expression binding.
To simplify, I just used a tag in both expression and direct binding.
Direct binding works while expression gives an error for same tag.
Am I using wrong syntax?

That’s not how it works. You need to build an array with the right structure for the tags you want to read, then the ‘Expression’ property in your actual tag history binding just needs to evaluate to the array. See the manual section on tag history bindings in Perspective:


Thanks @PGriffith.