Indirect tags in if expression or binenc


i have the following for a popup window
if ({Tags/test1} = 0 && {Tags/test2} = 0, “0”,None),
if ({Tags/test1} = 1 && {Tags/test2} = 0, “1”,None),
if ({Tags/test1} = 0 && {Tags/test2} = 1, “2”,None),
if ({Tags/test1} = 1 && {Tags/test2} = 1, “3”,None))

i cant get an indirect tag into these statements keeps saying cant use nested or not and argument.

any help please

I have had the same issue.

This, however, should work:

toInt(coalesce({Tags/test1},0)) + 2*toInt(coalesce({Tags/test2},0))

if you’re not worried about null values from the tags, it can be shortened to:

toInt({Tags/test1}) + 2*toInt({Tags/test2})

Sorry, forgotten that I had done this. :blush:

I had made a UDT that does the same thing using the same workaround. Up to 32 bits.