Individual bits in Integer Tags

We have a Control Logix PLC that has a integer tag exposed to Ignition. The PLC is actually setting individual bits in that tag for various communications. How do we read changes to these individual bits? Likewise, the PLC has a different integer tag that is expecting Ignition to write individual bits in reply. How is best way to do these?

Drag the integer tag in from the OPC browse tree and then copy and paste it. Modify the OPC item path so it has a .0 or .1 (or whatever bits you need) at the end of it.

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Hi Kevin, is there a clean way to write to the bit? using getBit() to read but not sure if there is a way to write


Create a new tag with the .bitnumber appended to the OPC item of the integer. That will yield a read/write boolean for that bit.

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