Individual SCADA parameters/settings for different users


I have a question about Ignition settings depending on the logged-in user. Is it possible for each user to set individual settings, for example, in the alarm?

Let's say I have an alarm that is triggered by default at the 200.00 limit and this alarm is indicated in the Alarm Table compnent. I have several users and each of them would like the alarm to appear at a different trigger threshold.

Each user has access to the alarm view. User 1 sets the threshold to 100.0 User 2 sets it to 350.0 and User 3 sets it to 400 and they can set it individually at any time. For each user the alarm should appear at a different time.

I'll use the alarm as an example, but I'd also like to use other compnents, which would depend on the logged user and the settings in Perspective.

Is something like this even possible? Or, does anyone have any idea how it could be implemented?

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Not in the alarm subsystem, no. Unless you made separate alarms for every possible user. :roll_eyes:

But if the quantity is low, I can imagine custom session infrastructure that produces soft alarms while someone is logged in.