Inductive Automation Youtube Channel - links and resources

Plug for the Inductive Automation Youtube Channel. Some interesting playlists:

Ignition Community Live. Released during work at home during COVID-19 period. Variety of insightful industry topics.

What is Ignition. Playlist introduces Ignition, the Exchange, architectures, demo, and industry basics (HMI, SCADA, PLCs, OEE, MQTT, IIOT, etc).

Industry Standards Covers: Industry 4.0, Security, and Digital Transformation.

Implementing MQTT in Ignition. Great series from Arlen Nipper (Co-inventer MQTT) and Inductive Automation staff on MQTT and Ignition.

Design your HMIs like a pro. Introduces the Ignition Exchange to reuse content, mobile design principles (mobile-responsive), data structures, migrating projects, re-usable design, reporting, alarming, navigation strategies, and more.

Please reply with useful video content that you’ve found or created!

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