Inductive University Ignition Credential

I’ve just completed Inductive University credential courses for Ignition. Just Inductive Automation issue some sort of ‘certificate’ for this? Next step…Core Certification! :grinning:


Congrats! It’s good you took them. Ignition is kind of a behemoth with all the different things it can do, so its good that you know now the built-in ways to accomplish many common tasks, instead of being left to your own devices and building your own ways to do things Ignition can already do (something I see a lot).

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Did you receive any certificate or not?

No. I don’t think you get anything for just the Inductive University.

Congrats on the first step of getting through all the courses and quizzes. It’s exciting to get through this, the core, then gold!
For the completion of courses, there’s no certificate, but if you are an integrator, you get the basic support benefits and listed as certified next to your integrator profile.

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