Inductive University Issue with Lesson "Custom Tag Properties"

Hello. I am trying to follow the induction university lesson called “Custom Tag Properties” in the “Tags in Ignition” section. I cannot seem to do what he is doing, because in my designer, the panels called “Perspective Components” and “Perspective Property Editor” do not appear when selected. I’ve attached an image where it shows the panels selected with no visible panels. How do I see these panels?

Thank you and have a good day.

Hello Kyle. Those panels will display if you are within the Perspective Section of the project.
We can tell what section of the project we are in using the Project Browser.

In the project browser for this screenshot you are highlighting the Root Container on a Vision Window. This means we are technically in the Vision section of the project.

Instead you can click on the Perspective icon in the Project Browser, and the panels should be visible.

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Thanks. I figured it was something simple.