Inductive University Perspective Column Container Video: Number of Columns Instruction Update

Hi there Inductive Folks,

It goes without saying, I’m glad to see that the IU 8.x videos are up, furthering this awesome resource you provide.

I just spent unnecessary time trying to figure out why I wasn’t seeing the same Perspective Column View root property “container” as described in the video, only to find a reference in the forum back in May mentioning that it had been removed for various reasons.

Just a head’s up, also, is there a centralized place for IU feedback? Maybe it deserves it’s own branch in the forums?


IU feedback typically goes onto the “ideas” portal, specifically the “Website Feedback” area (see:

But, in this case… try to cut the training department some slack. They’re currently all-hands-on-deck working on the 8.0 certification test - though I know for sure they’re aware of the issue on this particular video.

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Thanks for directing me to the ideas page, I did scan that … landing page, but I didn’t correlate the Website Feedback and IU as being in the same bucket.

Apologies if my point came across as not recognizing the effort put into IU, I do, and appreciate it, and was only trying to assist having not found that it had already been identified.

Thanks for the prompt reply,

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