Inductive University time to complete

Anyone have a general idea on how long it would take someone from start to finish? I know some of the lessons overlap between 7.7 and the other versions up to 8.0. Just 7.7 is roughly 18 hours of videos.

I want to allocate some time each day for one of my employees to take it and wanted to set a realistic goal of when he/she should finish.

When I first started at IA (not too long before 7.9 was released) I took pretty much an entire work week to go through IU. We’ve added more videos since then, but we also added the ability to speed up videos, which helps a lot.

To go from start to finish 0% to 100% of all quizzes complete for 8.0, took me about an entire work week.

Same here, took about an entire work week. If the employees are going to be doing their usual tasks during training, personally I would give 2-3 weeks for completion.

This. I went through them before this feature was added. So I downloaded them with a browser extension and watched them at Chip ‘n’ Dale speed. They are really helpful and there were a few I slowed down closer to regular speed, but I would’ve found it painful going through all of them at regular speed.

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