Inductive University videos stop playing every few seconds

I want to start a new habit by watching a few Inductive University videos a day when I come in to work. However, when I started watching videos today, I got playback issues. The video would play and about every 5 seconds, it would stop playing for about two seconds and then continue. I don’t believe it is buffering, either, because I can see that the gray bar completes almost right away.

It’s not a deal breaker, but it obviously gets annoying when watching a 3 minute video takes 5 minutes. I’m using Chrome as the browser and I haven’t tested any other browser. The video I’m on is Ignition Gateway > About the Trial Period, but it looks like all of the ones I watched in this section have this same behavior.

No issues here. If your on a company PC, it could be IT blocking or throttling something. The videos are hosted on vimeo in the backend, in the past I had issues until our IT unblocked for some users.

Thanks @ryanjmclaughlin. I tried a new tab, Incognito window, and new browser and had the same issue. Interestingly, the video stopped (“buffered”) at the same point in all three environments.

I had my coworker test it on his machine and he didn’t have the same problem. Now that I know its a problem with just my machine, I’ll troubleshoot this later.