Inductive university

Not really sure where to post this. But as I am taking all the challenges for Inductive University I am noticed some inconsistency between the videos and the questions. For instance,

For the scan classes section - there is a question that asks “if you wanted a tag to poll at a certain time of the day what scan class would you use” I answered - Driven-one shot. WRONG, bob! The answer is driven. However, both driven and and driven-one shot appear in the answers.

So when I got it wrong I click on the suggested video and it takes me back to the video for driven one shot scan class???

I’ve noticed this as well, and took me a bit to figure out that very question. I think I dove into the manual and found the answer to match. Given the ambition of the IA team on this ‘Ignition University’ concept I will give IA the benefit of the doubt as it is bound to have some grey areas. Its taught me so much already that I see the value. I expect them to improve as they build it but certainly feedback needs to get back to them. Overall I have been very satisfied

As I have just completed the courses, I will say that the reporting course really frustrated me, this course was really hard for me to derive the answers based on the videos. Might have just been me, but it didn’t seem to flow as nicely as the other courses.

Keep on truckin’!

Well, I am kind of glad that I wasn’t the only one going nuts over the reporting course!
But, I just installed the 7.8 beta and it seems they changed the reporting a lot.

Hi! This feedback is very valuable, but the team that maintains the IU isn’t in the habit of reading this forum, I don’t believe.

There is a link at the bottom of the IU called Help us Improve the IU which brings you to the IU feedback portal - I strongly suggest you use that venue.

I’ve noticed this on several questions. Makes me wonder if anyone has had any kind of formal training on teaching or test development. I know our professors drove it into us about avoiding vague questions and to be absolutely certain we listed a correct answer in selections. Questions and answers can be challenging, but should always be understandable.