Industiral Inkjet Printing

Does anyone have any experience or recommendations for an industrial inkjet printer? We may opt for inkjet printing over printed labels as the material, foam, doesn't hold the labels well.

Google came up with Keyence, Linc Systems, and Sneed. Any advice?

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We had used Videojet, back in the day.

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Rea Jet is popular, too. They seem to have access to a wide variety of odd and special purpose ink formulations.

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Keyence, Linx, Domino, Markem Imaje, Superior Coding

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What's your budget like, do you want top of the line, fancy features, easy maintenance?

What are key things you are looking for?

Also depending on the product United Barcode Systems may be another option.

Budget will probably be low to mid-range. We aren't going to be doing anything fancy, and we would want reliable operation with low maintenance. The products are foam parts for seating.

Honestly, I'm not even sure that this is the best way to go yet. The labels we use for other purposes do not stick to foam well, but I haven't tried higher tack labels either.

Also keep in mind what kind of ink you need. Anything other than black ink tends to be a pain.

And the print head generally has to be pretty close to the printing surface.

Some of the ones I've seen so far have a maximum of 10mm print distance. Black would work best for us as well.