Industrial components - post ideas here

This thread is a place to gather ideas for industrial components for FactoryPMI. This is a great place to post requests for components that are common in other HMI applications. Here are some ideas so far:

7 segment/14 segment/5x7 LED - DONE (2.0)
LED meter - component has LEDs, works much like a tank. Has a dataSet has rows that define:a level, text label, color. Looks like the Fair game that you hit with a hammer. Could also display curved or with thin lighted rectangles instead of circles.
Component Pack 1 items - lights, HOA switches, E-Stops, dials
Multistate indicator - like in a panelview app - Int (unique), color, string
rolling odometer number

Industiral objects:
Animated pumps
Animated beacons
Animated fans
Pretty much anything in the graphic library in animated form

more images: Industrial looking borders with screws and stuff, Buildings, trucks,

Prebuilt complex components/windows:
Alarm History component
FSQL status component
User admin window
Audit log

Easy Table - an editable table component with many different types of “editors” and views for different data types. Key feature is not needing to deal with any SQL.
Numeric Component Click to Graph support - As an object property, designers can allow users to create a trend graph of any realtime values. These would only be stored in memory.
DataSet Generator - A component that reads realtime values every so often and builds up a dataSet for graphing. Useful for a process where users want to see recent data logged at a very rapid rate, but don’t need to store that much data.
Tab control - Ability to add Tabs to switch between containers.
Collapsible Pane - Pane whose content can collapse and expand.
Tree view - Tree based component. Easy Tree might be a similar object that deals with the parent->child table relationship and all SQL for you.

Scrolling text label and LCD components. Can take the form of additional properties added to the existing components if backward compatibility can be maintained.