Industrial strength Ignition platform (with DNP!)

(I was looking for a place for 3rd parties to advertise their Ignition solutions but can’t find a forum for that. Maybe the mods can create one and move this there.)

RuggedCom is starting to ramp up production of their APE module for the RX1500 series which is a line of "Rugged and Modular Hot-Swappable Layer 2 and Layer 3 Switches and Routers, with Optional Redundant Power Supplies "

The APE is an Intel atom based single board computer capable of running Windows or Linux. We have tested this with Ignition installed with our own eLAN data collection software installed on Debian talking to a number of DNP devices.

With this setup, we have configured a system with 25,000 tags and been able to process over 2000 changes a second.

If your looking for low cost platform, this isn’t it. If you looking for something that can survive -40 to +80C (176F) in a electrically noisy environment, capable of being an all-in-one-box solution, drop me a line.

Hey Robert, I have a question on this: is Ignition running on the same APE module along with eLAN or are you running Ignition on a separate box? Thanks!


Hi Dorian,

You have options. ELAN can run on the same APE along with Ignition. The RX1500 can support 2 APEs so it can also run separately for larger systems. If the system is small enough, ELAN can run directly on the RX1500.

PM me if you want to talk to one of our service reps that can help you decide based on your requirements.

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Thank you Robert for the info. I would run ELAN and Ignition in separate APE modules, making it more robust. My other question would be: could I run the actual web client off the APE module that runs Ignition in order to have everything in one single box (keyboard, monitor, etc)?

It’s possible. We generally provide a separate PC though.

Thank you for answering my question Robert. I guess a separate PC would be more powerful since the second APE module would have to run both the Ignition back-end (server) and also run the browser to connect to the web server which would mean running Windows or Linux with a GUI and that would take some resources away from the Ignition back-end (i.e. video memory shared with RAM, the overhead of running a GUI, etc.). Can an RX5000 support the APE and if so, can it run more than two? Thanks!

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Sorry, The APE only fits the RX1500 family. We’ve never had the demand for a 5000 version.