Influx DB Buffered data from MQTT store and foreword

We were wondering if anyone can assist with getting buffered store and foreword data from an mqtt client, stored into influx db hosted on ignition with mqtt engine module when we reconnect after a disconnect.

Currently we have two Ignition Gateways both version 8.1.15:
Ignition Gateway A(MQTT Publisher):
MQTT Transmission Module

Ignition Gateway B(MQTT Subscriber):
MQTT Engine Module
Kymera Influx db 1.11.4

We are currently storing history in ignition Gateway B for tags that are being published by ignition Gateway A.

Ignition gateway B is using influxdb as its history provider, and is successfully storing history of live tags. But when there is a period where a disconnect occurs with Ignition Gateway A, influx DB does not store the buffered data into its database.

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