Infobox/ Tooltip on Timeseries chart

Hi All
Is it possible to customize the infobox under xTrace property for a time series chart. I want to be able to do an expression transform for an axis (not time) value and display a string instead of an integer in the infobox when hovered over. TIA


Everything is possible via JFreeChart libraries, you’ll need to get the domains axis and transform it to symbolic axis where, starting from 0, you can map integer values to any string.

You’re talking about Vision, but Perspective is tagged :slight_smile:

So not possible in perspective?

Those tags I never read haha

for now this looks impossible in perspective via infoBox

I was trying to make the infobox more visible. Though I would like to manipulate the axis possibly as well.

I can’t get any results from changing the style below it.

I thought that styles would modify it

still very light small grayish text for me

The Power Chart component has the same issue. The only way I’ve found to change the x trace infobox text style for that component has been editing the CSS it uses. Here are the properties I found to do so:

/* timestamp text above the x-trace box */
.ia_timeMarker > g > text {
  fill: #205287 !important;

/* x-trace box itself */
.ia_timeSeriesChartComponent__xTrace__box {
  fill: transparent;
  stroke: transparent !important;

/* text within the x-trace box */
.ia_timeSeriesChartComponent__labelText {
  fill: #205287 !important;

Personally, I like to make the x-trace box itself transparent because its width does not seem to adjust to the text inside it. You can also use the fill/stroke properties exposed on the component to do this.

Those CSS properties either need to be added to one of your theme CSS files or you could “inject” them via a style class property that takes a string value, a la @victordcq .

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Wait, but how do you make the string dynamic based on the range axis?
Via value mapping and style binding, right?

How the binding should look?

Unfortunately, I don’t think you can modify the string that the text displays. My modifications apply only to the style in which the text is shown. If that is possible, maybe another, more knowledgeable forum dweller will let us know.