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Hello everyone,
I have my alarm status table with alarms, so I created tags that can clasified with a number in the setpoint, so, when I got this number in some part of my script I send the alarm and appears in the status table, but is still there even if I choose ACKNOWLEDGE, but I want to finish the alarm and is still there.

Anyone knows why or the way that this component works?

Thank you

Hey Esmeralda,

Is the alarm cleared when you acknowledge it? The alarm can be acknowledged (meaning you're aware of it) without being cleared (taking out of the alarming state, in your case by changing the number). Example below:

The alarm status table displays a distinct alarm event that represents the moment that a tag's value matched the tag's preset alarm condition(s). Until the tag value changes to something that is outside of the alarm trigger range, the alarm event doesn't transition from active to clear. If you are wanting the alarm to disappear from the table when the acknowledge button is pressed, then there are at least two approaches that would work:

One approach would be to uncheck the "Show Active and Acked" property:
In this way, even though the alarm event hasn't cleared, it will still not be displayed once it has been acknowledged.

The other way would be to programmatically change the tag value with the alarm status table's onAcknowledge extension function, but this is not an approach that I would recommend for the vast majority of usage cases. Edit: Just in case this is applicable to your specific usage case, here is an example script that demonstrates a way to accomplish this:

#def onAcknowledge(self, alarms):
	tagPaths = []
	values = []
	for alarm in alarms:
	system.tag.writeBlocking(tagPaths, values)
	return True
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