Information about data browsing

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As part of an end-of-study assignment, I would like to have some information.
I saw that it was possible to browse tags in ignition if the PLC was compatible.
What is the criterion that tells me if my PLC is compatible or not with data browsing?

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It all depends on the protocol and the controller you are using.

There’s an overview of existing drivers here:

The individual driver articles outline the types of browsing they support. For example: the UDP/TCP driver supports very limited browse of the entire message within 1 variable node, whereas the AB drivers support full browsing.

Thank you for your answers.
If I understand correctly, it depends very much on the situation. So how do I know if I can use data browsing with a siemens PLC S7-1500, S7-400 or a Bedrock PLC for example?

If you follow bfuson’s link and click on Siemens there, you find that you cannot browse them. IIRC, Bedrock PLCs have a built-in OPC server which should be browsable.

It’s case-by-case as @Kyle_Chase mentioned.

If you’re connected to the S7-400 or S7-1500 via the S7 protocol there is no browsing.

If you’re connected to a newer S7-1500 or a Bedrock PLC via OPC UA then browsing is supported, because each of those has an embedded OPC UA server in them.