Information appears in a popup window after pressing a button on a machine's HMI

Good evening, I’m new to ignition and I wanted to make a client application improvement but I have no idea how to do it. I will create a button on the HMI on the machine named “Cupper” which can be seen in the image below and the idea is to associate this HMI button with an OPC tag on ignition and when the operator presses the HMI button a popup window will pop up with the message “requesting maintenance support”, the wait time after pressing the button on the HMI and the number of times that button has been pressed on the HMI. The idea is that these three information will appear in the popup window.

if it’s a rather complicated idea, I would like it to at least appear in the popup window "request maintenance support"


On cupper component write a script to open the pop up window and a pop up window must be created before doing thia with the message you want. Is it the one you are looking for.

The other thing you might consider is creating a new docked Window that is wide and short (e.g. 1920x20 pixels) that displays your message “Maintenance Requested” (maybe you need some context as well, e.g. that it’s for the Cupper 1A), with the elapsed time, button count, and whatever other information you need on it. Open this Window whenever you click on the maintenance button. Have it close on condition.
Using a docked window will mean that you won’t obstruct the operator’s view, and it’ll appear below/above any other page that is opened.

For example:

@nminchin Your idea is much better than what I had thought. Please ask me to teach me how to do it. In this case, how would this docked window appear after the operator pressed the HMI button?

When the button is pressed, you would write to the tag I presume in a PLC? You could then setup a Tag Change, Client Event Script to look for changes to the tag that you write to. On value 1, the script would open the docked window, maybe passing in the equipment needing maintenance.
Then when it changed to 0, the script would find the docked window and close it.

For example:

dockedWindowPath = "path/to/window"
tagVal ="tag path").value

if tagVal == 1:
	system.nav.openWindow(dockedWindowPath, "Cupper 1A")
elif tagVal == 0:

Note: this is a very basic example only and it won’t accommodate for more complex things like multiple equipment requiring maintenance. There are also other ways to achieve this, and this way may not suit what you’re looking for in the end.